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Don't you hate it when you can't get peanut butter out of the corners of the jar? So do we!

The concept behind Spread Love was to create a tool that would be useful in conjunction with the product. I had the idea to have accordion-style stickers on top that would contain recipes to make in each jar. 

By using the recipes on your Spread Love jar you can create fun and easy treats, and finish your entire spread. This helps to reduce food waste and promotes reusing.



3D Design




Abby Guido


A spread company with a mission to create an environmentally friendly lifestyle, Spread Love includes recipes on each jar to use every last drop. Not only does this solve food waste, but it leaves your jar ready to clean and reuse.

Spread Love

My inspiration for the packaging design was to match an animal to each spread, based on animals that eat each of the spread's main ingredients. Each character sits atop the abstract typeface as a little mascot.

The simplistic nature of the illustration is complimented by a chaotic pattern of either peanuts, hazelnuts, or strawberries. Designing with strategic negative space, friendly color palettes, and youthful illustrations allows this packaging to pop off the shelves. 

While having previous experience in Adobe Substance Stager proved useful for styling my products, I had a challenging task for this project. I needed to create an original 3D design as a tool to coincide with my jars.

I used Fantastic Fold to create the structure for my accordion-style sticker and applied my design and lighting in Stager. I was able to excel in this project by learning these programs and using them to my advantage. I experimented with new techniques in order to get the result I desired. 

Environmentalism is important to me, and I wanted to address the reasons behind why Spread Love advocates for reusing and eliminating food waste. The back side of the sticker gave me the opportunity to speak directly to my audience and expand my illustrations further.

Each person who buys a jar has a sample of information that tells them why reusing non-biodegradable items is critical for restoring our environment.

As each sticker opens up, they reveal three recipes to use for your respective jar. The sticker prompts you to participate and encourages you to engage in an activity, designed to be fun for the whole family.

From strawberry no-bake cheesecake, to chocolate chia seed pudding, Spread Love has a variety of tasty options that everyone will love. 

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