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Ruthless Rooster is a craft beer company that draws inspiration from old school boxing posters. Each beer is based off of a different, classic boxing nickname. Ruthless Rooster has the nostalgia, quirkiness, and taste you crave in a craft beer.

Ruthless Rooster



3D Design



Abby Guido



Bring out your inner champion with the Ruthless Rooster variety four pack and boxing glove key chain.

This beer was designed for the boxing fanatic, the craft beer lover and anyone with an interest in high quality taste. Ruthless Rooster captures customers attention with its gritty ode to screen print design, approachable illustrative mascots, and tasteful simplicity. Intriguing flavors from velvety chocolate to wild berries and lime calls for a fun night of tasting that won't disappoint.   

The Hawk

The Hawk has given its name to many skilled boxers, famously inherited by Aaron Pryor. 


This American pale ale is brewed with oats, wheat malt, and heavily hopped with galaxy, citrus, and cascaded in the kettle and fermenter. It contains notes  of pineapple, piña coladas, and grapefruit.


The Italian Stallion

In honor of Philadelphia's most famous fictional boxer, the Italian Stallion is Ruthless Rooster's signature beer. 


This is a dark, robust beer brewed in the traditional stout method. It features a myriad of dark malts and high alpha hops for a powerful impact of roast, chocolate, and sweet bitterness. The velvety malt notes balances bitter intensity, and soothing chocolate notes created by long aging on fair trade cocoa.


The Lone Star Cobra

The final beer in the variety four pack, inspired by the boxer Don Curry's nickname. Combining "The Cobra" and "The Lone Star State", or Texas, where Curry is from.


Taking influence from the south, this American golden wheat brew incorporates generous amounts of Florida orange blossom honey sourced from an orchard in Wauchula, Florida. This sweet, delicious, nectar will be accompanied by lemon and mandarin hops to round out the citrus notes.


The Raging Bull

As an homage to Jake LaMotta, The Raging Bull is named after the American Boxer and World Middleweight Champion. Also popularized by the acclaimed biographical film by Martin Scorsese.


This bold and pungent double IPA is completely saturated with juicy hop oils. Brewed with spelt and wheat, and hopped with citra, ekuanot, and a bit of Columbus. Notes of citrus wild berries, and lime.


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