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I had the opportunity to work on multiple projects at my time at MTV Entertainment Studios. The projects displayed below are contributions I created that influenced final designs or drafts in a wide variety of projects.

MTV Projects

Poster Design

Logo Design


MTV Entertainment Studios Design Group




I was asked to design an alternate direction for a tv show called Sixteen and in the System. This reality show centered around teens that are participating in the DFITH program at the Institute for the Development of African American Youth. This Philadelphia-based organization provides an intensive treatment program, at prevention and intervention levels, "to educate and enhance productive behaviors for youth to divert from negative social behaviors as getting arrested."      

Art Director: Casiel Kaplan

My Art Director and I discussed how this approach should be more youthful and positive than the other designs that were being examined. I created a couple of mood boards based off of my design research and we decided that a collage could be a fun way to show all different aspects of the show. I wanted to display the positive experience that the IDAAY was having on these teens as well as the sense of community that weaved throughout their stories. I experimented with color, texture, and composition to achieve these goals.


This logo project was for an internal Culture Orientation program through MTV for their employees. I was given direction and inspiration from my Art Director to draft some logo ideas, based on an preliminary letterform.

Art Director: Lance Rusoff

I focused on four different design routes that played with a bright 1980's style color palette, outlines, and shadows. This brought a dynamic, vibrant, depth to a logo that would be apart of a program that discusses important cultural topics within the workplace.  


While working at MTV I had the opportunity to work on end pages and title cards for seasonal programs. Two of those projects were a Thanksgiving John Wick movie marathon and a comedy movie marathon called "hahaha-a-thon". These designs are iconic to MTV's audiences and are always a little different, while still using the same formula.

Art Director: Lance Rusoff

These projects always use the same templates, but have a bit of flexibility to keep the content fresh. I utilized the brand's established type hierarchy and continued from there. With the assistance of my Art Director I was able to customize them in a way that fit these projects best. 

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