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The Hamptons Happening is an annual charity event in support of the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation. I was approached by their marketing team to create a logo and branding system that played into this year's Yacht Rock theme.

The 19th Annual
Hamptons Happening


Brand Strategy

Social Media

Print Design


Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation




When introduced to the Yacht Rock theme for the 19th Hamptons Happening, I started researching the origin of this seemingly modern music genre. After I discovered that it was created by JD Ryznar, Hunter Stair, and Lane Farnham, based off of soft rock of the late 70s and early 80s, I created two moldboards based on the main visual themes that I saw.

We decided to go in a costal, preppy, and elegant direction. This was a great way to show off the beachy but sophisticated aesthetic the Hamptons are known for. I drew inspiration from country club logos and nautical imagery to create the logo, color palette, and illustration style for the 19th annual Hamptons Happening.

As I began designing the Hamptons Happening logo, I was given a lot of creative freedom. Though the main qualities of the event had to be relevant within the logo, professional and classy with that classic Northeast style.

Pairing the soft script with the sharp serif font creates a satisfying juxtaposition. The script font feels welcoming and sophisticated, while the serif font grounds the logo and brings a professionalism that associates with the values of the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation.


After creating the identity guidelines, I focused in on the illustration and layout style of the branding. I modeled the drawings after the script font, with thick outlines and bold shapes. This creates a youthful approach to the usual antique-style iconography of New England.

My main focuses were the digital invitation and "save the date" designs. These layouts would set up the design system for all other collateral to follow. Since establishing this foundation, I set up a Canva brand kit for the marketing team to utilize these design elements in their social media and event signage.

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