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Jason Kernevich

New York Times inspired cover illustration based off of the NYT article "Michael Pollan Explores the Mind-Altering Plants in His Garden" by Robb Dunn.

New York Times
Book Review

Tasked with designing an illustrative cover for this Robb Dunn New York Times article, I went through many phases of notes and sketches to get to the finished piece. With the help of art direction from Jason, I was able to edit my drafts to successfully create an illustration that embodies the essence of the article. 

This project was meant to apply the guidelines of what illustrators go through when working for the New York Times Book Review, by mimicking a similar critique style and time constraints. The ability to experience a similar, applied scenario gave me a new perspective on how challenging these types of illustrations can be. Adhering to the art director's vision while creating a completely unique design that encompasses an entire story is both a satisfying and frustrating task to complete.

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