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Caleb Heisey

The goal of this project was to design a digital magazine cover series for The New Yorker, celebrating the food culture of three cuisine capitals of the world. The posters should capture the rich heritage of the people, the depth of flavors and ingredients, and the unique traditions of local food preparation and gatherings.

The New Yorker
Cover Series

I chose to focus on Florence, Oaxaca, and Singapore. I chose these cuisine capitals because of their variety of dishes and their popularity of street food and markets. While they all produce very different cuisines, they are all known for their street food and markets which is what I focused on for my designs. I researched photos of street vendors and food markets in each area, and found pictures to inspire my sketches.

I wanted these scenes to feel crowded but comfortable, inviting you in with the aromas of hand-made food. I then focused on my color palettes for each design. I wanted each cover to feel distinct and unique but still feel similar to each other. Each color palette is designed to match the location and feel of each cover.

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