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Logo Design



Caleb Heisey

This project was a design sprint challenge to create a design in only two class periods. The idea is to create an ice cream flavor based on your favorite childhood memory, and design the packaging for it. 

Lobster Tracks

This ice cream flavor and packaging design is inspired by vacations I would take to Cape Cod with my family. We would eat ice cream almost every night and it was always the perfect ending to a fun day at the beach. One of restaurants we would get ice cream had the flavor lobster tracks, as a spoof of moose tracks, this was a whimsical place to start on my design. I thought this flavor represented my memories accurately since we would always eat seafood when visiting Cape Cod.

When starting my design, I wanted to keep that whimsy and playfulness that I felt in those memories. I was inspired by the red and white checked paper that is commonly used in red plastic baskets to enjoy fried foods. I wanted to depict the feeling of a perfect day at the beach, and decided to illustrate cheerful stickers associated with the beach. I also designed a logo for the ice cream distributor that felt aesthetically aligned to many of the logos and designs seen on Cape Cod.

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