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Monica Brodovsky

Tasked with designing a stamp series of my choosing, I decided to create a series highlighting important feminist leaders. Each stamp is hand illustrated and uniquely designed. 

Feminist Stamp Series

My goal with these stamps was to highlight these famous, influential, women in a modern and fun way. I decided to use a bright, bold color palette that would draw the viewer in, especially to a design that is so small. I wanted them to be easily recognizable, including their likeness while still using a stylized approach.

Due to the flat nature of my style, I wanted to add texture to these illustrations to establish visual interest. I decided on a dot screen texture to keep the backgrounds neutral, which can also be seen through the transparency of the portraits. This gives a screen printed feel, as well as the added pencil texture to establish a hand done quality. The dot screen also gives them a comic book style effect, depicting them as the heroes they are.

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