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Jason Kernevich



The goal of this project was to pick a movie and design a special edition poster based off of the Alamo Drafthouse Rolling Roadshow unique movie adventures. The movie poster is designed to appeal to fans of Lady Bird as it is advertising a special showing at the school from the movie.

Lady Bird Poster

It was important to me to have Lady Bird aka Christine McPherson depicted in the poster with her iconic red dyed hair, due to the fact that the movie is named after her. Inspired by the teenage chaos and emotion of the film I wanted the style of the poster to feel akin to Lady Bird's personality. I rewatched the movie, did some visual research and was drawn to the drawings and decorations all over her room. I decided to design this poster based off of a sketchbook style, as if you were looking in Lady Bird's diary.

I also wanted to include Easter eggs of important moments that happened in the movie, such as the beautiful house that Lady Bird wants to own someday, and the pivotal call from her mother once she moves away. The hand-drawn quality brings a emotional touch that makes Lady Bird such a powerful coming-of-age movie. I also incorporated drawings and notes drawn by Lady Bird in the film to make the poster feel as real as possible.

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